Our Story

Am I doing this exercise correctly? My back is aching, can someone check my form? Anyone there to guide me, I don’t want to hurt myself? Who’s paying such absurd prices for personal trainers? It’s pouring outside, can I workout from home? Does health & wellness really have to be so difficult? 

The future of health & wellness is easy, affordable, customizable & in real-time. FITCY connects you with Fitness Masters from across the world for a live workout, customized to your body & its needs.

better than a studio class, more personal than your personal trainer...

Our Mission

We’re making high quality, affordable personal training more accessible to the world.

changing the world one person at a time

Our Impact

one for one

Your external motivation for working out? Our one for one model, with each workout helping someone in need.

How We Operate

building for the future

We abide by our ethical morals, and don’t cut corners. Each decision we make we ask ourselves, if this decision was being made for the next 100 years, would we still do this?

Our Value

make decisions that last beyond us.

make high end health & wellness solutions available to everyone.

make a lasting impact in the World.

create a 100 year company which is a role model for future companies.

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