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5 Subtle Ways you know Therapy is Working

Therapy is a process. It takes time, effort and consistency to start seeing results. According to experts, therapy will work best if there are certain elements present. An alliance between you and your therapist, your willingness to bring in change, a rapport between your therapist and you where your therapist understands your needs and provides a safe space for you to be yourself and express your thoughts bluntly are some of the factors that accelerate growth.

If you have been going to therapy for some time now, but aren’t sure if it is working for you, here are 5 subtle ways to know therapy is working for you and you’re making progress:

1. Increased self awareness

By this, we do not mean always being on alert mode. Being self-aware is to be conscious of your emotions and thoughts. One of the aims of therapy is to make people more aware about changes happening within them, and to understand themselves better.
If you can now understand your triggers, changes in mood or feelings, and maybe even control them, know that therapy is working for you.

2. Improved mood

Improved mood does not mean no mood swings at all. It also does not mean you will feel happy all the time. Improved mood simply denotes better control over mood regulations.
Improvement in mood relates to how you feel in general. If you felt tired and low previously, has taking therapy made you feel less tired lately? If so, then it could be a sign of an elevated mood. Even experiencing more hope and optimism could be a positive sign.
You can also jot down how you’re feeling once a day for a period of 2 weeks to assess your progress.

3. Increase in self-esteem

One of the most rewarding experiences of taking therapy is an increased self esteem and confidence. Therapy helps us to rely more on our thoughts about our abilities, rather than seeking external validity or approval. This helps us become more independent and self-reliant when it comes to believing in our capabilities.
If you have been feeling more confident about your skills, it may be because your therapy is working.

4. Your thought process has shifted

We often tend to begin therapy with a different mindset, and gradually, we grow out of it. Therapy helps us alter our problematic or negative thoughts about ourselves, our relationships and the way we interact with the world around us. When you find your thoughts are changing to more constructive and positive thoughts, you know that therapy is working for you. It could be as simple as not letting a bad event ruin your day.

5. You look forward to your sessions

One of the very subtle signs that your therapy session are having a positive impact on you is that you enjoy your sessions. You look forward to having discussions with your therapist and finding solutions to your problems.

Your therapist may have created an open space for you where you do not feel judged and like to discuss plans about your future or simply narrate the changes you’re seeing. Whatever the reason may be, if you’re enjoying your time with your therapist, your sessions are working for you.

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