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July 6, 2023

What is Trust and Why is it Important in Relationships?

Trust is the belief that your partner is reliable, dependable, and has your best interests at heart. It is the feeling that you can count on them to be there for you, to keep their promises, and to be honest with you. Trust is essential in any relationship because it creates a sense of safety and security, allows for vulnerability and intimacy, and strengthens the bond between two people.

Common Reasons Why Trust is Broken in Relationships

Trust can be broken in many ways, some of the most common reasons include:


Knowing the signs of infidelity can help you identify if your partner is cheating. Some common signs of infidelity include a sudden change in behavior, unexplained absences, and secretive behavior. Your partner may also become distant or emotionally detached and may show a lack of interest in physical intimacy.


Lying, whether it’s about small things or big things, can erode trust in a relationship. It can leave the other partner feeling hurt, confused, and wondering what else their partner may be lying about.

Broken promises

Broken promises, whether intentional or unintentional, can damage trust in a relationship. It can leave the other partner feeling disappointed, let down, and unsure if they can rely on their partner in the future.

Signs That Trust Has Been Broken

It’s important to recognize the signs that trust has been broken in a relationship. Some signs include:

Lack of communication

When trust has been broken, communication may break down. One partner may withdraw or avoid sharing their feelings, thoughts, or experiences with the other partner.

Suspicion and jealousy

When trust has been broken, suspicion and jealousy may arise. One partner may become overly suspicious of the other partner’s actions and motives and may become jealous of their interactions with others.

Lack of intimacy

When trust has been broken, intimacy can suffer. One partner may feel too hurt or betrayed to be vulnerable with the other partner, and physical intimacy may decrease or stop altogether.

How to Communicate Effectively to Regain Trust

Effective communication is key to rebuilding trust in a relationship. Here are some tips for communicating effectively:

Be honest

Honesty is essential in rebuilding trust. Be open and honest about your feelings, thoughts, and actions. Admit to any mistakes you have made and take responsibility for your actions.

Listen actively

Listen actively to your partner’s feelings, thoughts, and concerns. Show empathy and understanding, and avoid being defensive or dismissive.

Be patient

Rebuilding trust takes time. Be patient with yourself and your partner. Don’t expect things to be fixed overnight, and be prepared to put in the work to rebuild trust.

Steps to Take to Earn Back Trust in a Relationship

Earning back trust in a relationship takes effort and commitment. Here are some steps you can take:


Apologize sincerely for any actions that may have contributed to the broken trust. Acknowledge the hurt you may have caused and express your regret.

Be consistent

Consistency is key to rebuilding trust. Follow through on your promises, be reliable and dependable, and show that you are committed to rebuilding the relationship.

Be transparent

Be open and transparent about your actions and intentions. Avoid hiding things or being secretive, as this can erode trust further.

Rebuilding Intimacy in a Relationship

Intimacy can suffer when trust has been broken. Here are some tips for rebuilding intimacy:

Be vulnerable

Be open and honest about your feelings, thoughts, and desires. Show your partner that you trust them and are willing to be vulnerable with them.

Be affectionate

Physical affection, such as hugging, and spending time can help rebuild intimacy. Take the time to show your partner physical affection and express your love for them.

Be present

Be present and attentive when you are with your partner. Avoid distractions and focus on spending quality time together.

Seeking Professional Help to Rebuild Trust

Sometimes, rebuilding trust in a relationship requires professional help. Couples therapy can provide a safe and supportive environment to work through issues and rebuild trust. A therapist can help you and your partner communicate effectively, understand each other’s feelings and concerns, and develop a plan to rebuild trust.

Maintaining Trust in a Relationship

Maintaining trust in a relationship requires ongoing effort and commitment. Here are some tips for maintaining trust:

Be honest

Continue to be open and honest with your partner. Avoid lying or hiding things, even if they seem small.

Show appreciation

Show your partner that you appreciate them and value them. Express gratitude for their actions, big and small.

Communicate regularly

Regular communication can help maintain trust in a relationship. Check in with your partner regularly, share your feelings and thoughts, and listen actively.


Trust is an essential component of any healthy relationship, but it can be broken in many ways. Recognizing the signs of broken trust and taking steps to rebuild trust can help strengthen the bond between partners and create a sense of safety and security.

Effective communication, consistency, transparency, and vulnerability are key to earning back trust in a relationship. Seeking professional help, such as couples therapy, can also be beneficial.

Maintaining trust in a relationship requires ongoing effort and commitment, but the rewards of a strong and healthy relationship are worth it.

If you are struggling to rebuild trust in your relationship, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. With commitment and effort, it is possible to rebuild broken bonds and create a stronger, healthier relationship.

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