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We aim to provide accessible, high-quality mental health therapy sessions for everyone.

Committed to addressing the global mental health need

We are the trusted provider of high-quality mental health sessions, dedicated to promoting improved well-being. Our experienced therapists offer personalized counseling to address various concerns, fostering positive change, and facilitating growth.

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Clients receive personalized guidance, optimizing their journey toward improved well-being.

Our Story

This story was written by our Founder, Aaqib ❤️

“The thing with mental health problems that we tend to forget is, that it’s contagious in its own way. When someone is down & depressed, that mood can carry on to the people within their immediate surroundings and affect them as well. I too was once affected when a family member started experiencing mental health problems. Therapy can be very expensive for the average person, making it very challenging for one to overcome their struggle. We had to painstakingly search far & wide before we could find an affordable yet spectacular therapist. I saw the change in my family member from going to therapy, it was as if the fire was once again lit in their eyes. That positivity was also contagious. This is built in the very foundations of Fitcy Health, we make high-quality health and wellness accessible & affordable for everyone.”

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