Anxiety, Depression, Autism, Relationship problems, Problem-solving, PTSD, Parental counseling.
Years of experience:
Languages Spoken:
English, Romanian, French

I am a mother, a wife, and a psychologist. I am a social person, and have always loved to observe people and understand their behavior, emotions and thoughts. I have always asked myself “What makes someone human?”. I believe that all of today’s disorders come from adverse childhood experiences. I have started my clinical journey with autistic children and their families. Since then, I have helped children, adolescents, and adults with anxiety-related pathologies, developmental disorders, and trauma-related disorders, using techniques from CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), mindfulness and EMDR.

Favorite Quote: “We may not be responsible for the world that created our minds, but we can take responsibility for the mind with which we create our world.” Gabor Maté

Clinical Credentials:

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) Practitioner, Psychologist, Clinical Therapist, Counseling, Parenting

Educational Background & Certifications:

MSc Clinical Psychology & Counselling West University of Timisoara, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (Romanian Association for CBT) and EMDR Practitioner (EMDR Europe), Member of Romanian College of Psychologists. Trauma Therapy.

What I’m excited to bring to Fitcy Health members:

I am a firm believer that the mind is the most powerful tool that people have. It can help us heal or it can bring us disease and illness. Through my sessions, I aim to help others accept things as they come, embrace challenges, find resilience in hurtful events, and most of all, learn that relationships and love are the best agents of change.


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