Ehab, Mind Specialist


I am passionate about the mind and philosophy, music, dogs, legos, research, machine learning and anthropology. I have been awarded the Rakhawy Kasr Einy Annual Award for Best Clinical Case Study.

Areas of Expertise:

Anxiety, Depression, Personality Disorders and Grief

Clinical Credentials:

Psychologist, Clinical Therapist, CBT Practitioner, Mental Health Counselor, Psychodynamic Therapy

Years of Experience:


Languages Spoken: 

English, Arabic, German, Dutch

Educational Background & Certifications:

MSc Psychology University of Groningen, BSc Psychology University of Derby, CBT for Personality Disorders, EABCT Process Based CBT, EABCT Introduction to CBT, European Psychiatric Association Evidence Based Psychodynamic Therapy, World Psychiatric Association Introduction to Compassion Focused Therapy, World Psychiatric Association Psychotherapy for People with Psychosis, World Psychiatric Association Cognitive Behavioral Treatment In OCD, European Psychiatric Association Internet Based CBT In Psychiatry, European Psychiatric Association CBT Anxiety, Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy CBT Depression, Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy CBT Essentials, Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy

What I’m excited to bring to Fitcy Health members:

I’m passionate, ethical, professional, experienced, well educated, open minded, compassionate, structured and most importantly I never give up on my clients even if they give up on themselves. Confidentiality and the therapeutic relationship are the pillars of therapy, and I deeply believe in an eclectic approach to help the client with the best they need to accomplish their goals in therapy.

Favorite Quote:

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche


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