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As a certified psychologist, I saw a lot of patients who are stopping themselves from seeking therapy in Dubai due to the stigma associated with mental health.

Removing the Stigma & Shame around Seeking Therapy in Dubai

In Dubai and surrounding GCC countries, there is still a shame or disgrace in treating mental health issues, many people believe that getting mental therapy is a sign of weakness or infirmity but this is not the right perception. Seeking therapy is a sign of strength and resilience. It directly means that you have been diagnosed that you actually need expert help and already moving towards improving it.

One of the main reasons behind the stigma of getting therapy or help is the lack of perception and understanding of how therapy evolves along with the benefits. People usually connect therapy sessions with mental illness or disability and assume that only those with severe mental health conditions or abnormalities need therapy or get treatment from a psychologist. On the contrary, online therapy can be very helpful for any person who is going through a difficult time in their life or facing challenges or issues.

The Role of a Therapist and Psychologist in Dubai

A psychologist is someone who helps a patient to improve their mental health and well-being. They are certified professionals, experienced in using proven mental health techniques to help patients restore their mental health and get back their quality of life.

A certified psychologist could help with many mental issues that include anxiety, severe depression, relationship problems, and substance abuse.

A psychologist also teaches patients the techniques to develop skills and ways to improve communication and resilience.

Benefits of Getting Therapy in Dubai

There are many useful benefits of getting therapy in Dubai that include

Getting therapy from a certified psychologist helps you to develop a vision of life, helping you take back control of your thoughts and emotions.

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Usual Misconceptions about Mental Health Therapy

There are bundles of misconceptions about online therapy that need to be addressed. Some of the most common ones are:

All of these conceptions are not true at all. Therapy is useful for any individual who is going through a difficult time. It is expensive, but Fitcy Health provides you with affordable and certified therapists in Dubai.

Getting therapy doesn’t mean that you’re weak and none of the therapists will judge you. In order to get a diagnosed correctly, we typically advise people to be open and share all details with the therapist in order for them to help you.

Types of Counselling Available in Dubai

There are many types of counselling and treatment available in Dubai by Fitcy Health, some of them are:

Each of these counseling sessions are effective for different types of mental health issues.

How Fitcy Health Makes it Easier to Find a Psychologist in Dubai

Finding a therapist in Dubai is difficult, it might be challenging especially when you’re not sure where you need to start finding the expert. The easiest way to find a therapist is to ask for recommendations and reviews from friends, family, or from your general doctor. You can also search online for therapists in Dubai to get a free assessment of your mental health issues.

Be aware of the certification of your psychologist. By using the Fitcy Health platform you can choose the specialist by reviewing their expertise.

You need to be comfortable with your therapist and be ready to build that trust with them.

What You Should Expect in Your Initial Therapy Sessions

Your initial online therapy session in Dubai will usually be based on an assessment of your mental health. Your psychologist will ask you relatable questions about your symptoms, medical history, and any medications or tablets that you are using frequently.

The therapist also has an interest in your personal or professional life, they need to know the triggers of your stress or the challenges that you’re facing.

It’s mandatory to be honest with your psychologist, this will help them to create a customized treatment plan according to your needs.

Cost of Therapy in Dubai

The cost of therapy depends on the therapist’s experience and qualifications and the type of therapy that you need to resolve your issues. On average, it falls anywhere between AED 300 to AED 700 per session.

Fitcy Health is still affordable and effective as compared to other mental health platforms, however, you can also check your insurance company because many organizations are covering mental health treatment too.

Getting Online Therapy Options From Home

Online mental health therapy in Dubai is rapidly increasing in popularity, especially in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many doctors and psychologists are now open to online therapy sessions, which are very convenient and affordable compared to in-person sessions.


Having Therapy is a Mark of Strength and Toughness

In conclusion, seeking therapy in Dubai is a sign of strength and resilience. Getting therapy is not a weakness anymore. Seeking help and identifying the underlying factors is of utmost importance.

Fitcy Health is providing affordable therapists and psychologists in Dubai for many years, who are experienced and certified to resolve your mental health issues.

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