Frequently Asked Questions

Please follow these steps:

  1. Have a yoga mat with you ready
  2. Have a bottle of water by your side
  3. Make sure you have a big screen (laptop connected to a TV is best)
  4. Make sure the camera is facing you & placed 6-8 feet away from you & at a height of 3 feet.
  5. Make sure you have ample free space during your workout, even though you only need 8 ft x 6 ft of free space for the workout, we say the more the merrier!
  6. Make sure you have atleast 10 Mbps internet speed from your internet provider, once again the more the merrier.
  7. Make sure you are working out in a private area free of distractions (i.e. no cellphones ringing, a place where you can enjoy your workout)
  8. If you want music, try to have a separate speaker with it playing & not the same one you are using for your workout.
A fitness master is similar to a personal trainer or a Fitness Specialist, but better. They have gained valuable experience & life skills, and are here on FITCY to teach you those so you can grow.
All our Fitness Masters have undergone rigorous hours of teacher training programs & courses, taught clients outside of FITCY & are skilled at their fitness profession. Each Fitness Master is scrutunized beforehand & have to give trial lessons to a FITCY team member before they are accepted onto the platform.

You can apply at www.fitcyhealth.com/become-a-fitness-master/

In our workouts, you select a Fitness Master & are connected via two-way video conferencing with our Fitness Master. You must turn on your camera so that our Fitness Master can see you and correct your posture & form. We urge all our customers to use a bluetooth headset (not mandatory) during their workout so that they can hear each & every instruction by our Fitness Masters during the workout.

Our customers happiness is of top priority, please write to us hello@fitcyhealth.com & tell us what happened.

Sure, send your friend a link to our website page www.fitcyhealth.com/become-a-fitness-master/

If there are no Fitness Masters available at your given time slot, write to us hello@fitcyhealth.com and we’ll try to arrange a Fitness Master specifically for your give timeslot.

Write to us hello@fitcyhealth.com with your name, time slot & the given Fitness Master you want & we’ll try to accomodate as best as we can.