What is Fitcy Health about?

Fitcy Health makes high quality health & wellness specialists available and affordable for all. Our mission is to provide more people with convenient access to our holistic method of wellness, where we work on improving your mental health first, and then your nutritional & physical fitness. Now you can live a happier and healthier life in a stigma-free environment.

Who are the specialists?
Specialists on Fitcy Health are internationally certified, trained, experienced psychologists, therapists, life coaches, nutritionists, clinical dietitians, fitness & yoga experts. All of them are qualified and certified by internationally accredited organizations, or their country’s professionals boards, and posses years of experience with clients.
How do I communicate with my specialist?

You can easily communicate with your specialist in the following ways:

  • Video / audio calls from the customer dashboard or the video link that is emailed to you
  • Messaging from your customer dashboard

How long till I’m matched with a specialist?
You’re matched with a specialist immediately once you select your goals 🙂
Does Fitcy Health offer financial aid?

We believe proper care should be affordable & accessible to everyone. If you require financial aid please contact us on [email protected], with your details & our team will help you.

How do you cancel or reschedule a session?

This can be done directly from your Customer Dashboard. Just click on the green icon, next to your specialist & select Reschedule. Similarly, you can also select Cancel to cancel that appointment.

You can see how to do this below:

how to cancel a session on fitcy health

What is the refund policy?

You can cancel or postpone a session 24 hours before the start of the session for a full refund. You can refund unused sessions in a monthly package up-to 15 days after the purchase of the package.

I got booked with the wrong specialist, what do I do?

Don’t worry, just contact us on [email protected] & our team will have that fixed/sorted for you in a jiffy.

How do you book a new session from your package?

How do you book a new session from your package?

  • Select the package from your Customer Dashboard (make sure to select the correct one)
  • Select the new timings you’d like
  • And you’re great to go

You can see how to do this below:

how to book new packages

I cannot find the time that I want with my specialist?

Our team can always request a special time for you. Please let us know via email ([email protected]) as per what time you’d like and we can send a special request for the specialist.

How long are the unused sessions in my package valid for?

The unused sessions in your package, are valid for 2 months from the date of purchase. If for any reason you need an extension, please kindly email us at [email protected] before your sessions expire.

I don’t like my specialist, can I change my specialist?

Yes, of-course you can! Please just ask any Fitcy Customer Care representative ([email protected]) & we’ll match you with a new specialist immediately. We’ll also shift all your unused sessions to your new specialist. You deserve the specialist you feel most comfortable with & we’ll help you find that specialist.

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