ADHD, Anxiety, Behavioral Health, Boost Productivity, Burnout, Depression, Emotional Self-regulation, Healing Negative Past Emotions, Parental Counselling, Sleeping Better, Stress Management, Trauma, Work-stress
Years of Experience:
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Dovina is a dedicated mental health professional experienced in areas of cognitive, behavioural, and emotional wellbeing. She started her journey as a psychological mentor using holistic approaches to help people achieve their goals in life. She then worked as a behaviour therapist seeing children and young adults while working on improving their social, literary, cognitive, and communication skills. Dovina likes to keep up to date with the psychoanalytical research and theories by contributing as part of an editorial team for a European psychoanalytical journal. Currently she combines her experiences of cognitive psychotherapy theories and behavioural techniques to deliver a well rounded experience for her clients.

Clinical Credentials:
ACT Practitioner, ABA Therapy, CBT Practitioner, Counselling Psychologist, Mindfulness, Psychoanalysis, Solution Focused Therapy, Trauma-Focused Therapy

Educational Background & Certifications:
– Masters in Forensic Psychology from University of Bedfordshire, UK (2018)
– BSc Psychology with Counselling Skills from Middlesex University (2017)
– Member of the British Psychological Society. Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults (Mind, 2018)
– Equality and Cultural Competence (Mind, 2018)

What I’m excited to bring to Fitcy Health members:
I hold space for compassion, acceptance, and care through which we facilitate understanding, healing, and positive growth. I aim to create a safe space where the expression of thoughts, emotions, and feelings are met in an accepting and non-judgmental attitude.

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