Areas of Expertise:
Anxiety, Depression, Couples Counseling, Mourning & Grief Counseling, Family Counseling, Work Stress, Solving a Life Crisis, Growth challenges

Years of Experience:
Languages Spoke:
English & Spanish

Carl Gustav Jung said “Know all the theories, master all the techniques, but as you touch a human soul be just another human soul.” And, as a human soul, I always keep this in mind on my practice. Since I’m not perfect, I can remember all the times I felt like I couldn’t handle something and I also remember how positive it was to have someone around to remind me of how worthy I was and how many good things I had. I would like to be able to be that person to you and show you how important, valuable and unique person you are.

Know all the theories, master all the techniques.

Clinical Credentials:

Psychologist, CBT Practitioner, Mental Health Counselor, Clinical Therapist, Couple’s Therapy.

Educational Background & Certifications:

Gestalt psychotherapy specialist, Asociación Gestáltica de Buenos Aires, 2016, Couples and families therapy specialist, Tramas Familiares, 2019
Diploma in psychological first aid, BSc in Psychology, Universidad de Palermo, 2013, and Psychosocial support in emergencies and disasters, Universidad iSalud, 2020

What I’m excited to bring to Fitcy Health members:

My vast experience both in the business field and in my psychotherapeutic practice gives me an interesting blend of theoretical knowledge and personal experience. I believe that the most important thing that I have to offer to Fitcy Health Members is my availability and companionship to walk together thru the path towards their own well-being.


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