Addictions, Anger Management, Anxiety, Confidence, Couples Counselling, Depression, Improving Communication, Infertility Counselling, Low Self-esteem, Mood Disorder, OCD, Panic Attacks, Parental Counselling, Relationship Issues, Sexual Intimacy Issues, Stress Management, Work-stress
Years of Experience:
Languages Spoken:
English & Malayalam

Hridya has completed an undergraduate degree in psychology, subsequently pursued graduate training in clinical psychology at the University of Calicut and completed an MPhil in clinical psychology at the Central Institute of Psychiatry, Ranchi. She currently has certification as a clinical psychologist by the Rehabilitation Council of India. Her clinical interests have included work with adults, diagnostic assessment and addictions. Hridya V M uses a broad range of cognitive behavioural and dialectic behavioural techniques in psychotherapy. She has lectured and presented seminars nationally and internationally in India. Outside the field of psychology, she enjoys being with people, travelling and cooking.

Clinical Credentials:
CBT Practitioner, Clinical Psychologist, DBT Practitioner, Mindfulness

Educational Background & Certifications:
– MPhil Clinical Psychology
– MSc Clinical Psychology
– BSc Psychology
– RCI Licensed

What I’m excited to bring to Fitcy Health members:
I take an integrative approach when formulating and developing therapeutic interventions. I have an inclination toward Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I help clients understand the ways in which their thoughts, emotions and behaviour play the role in creating their unique realities. Whatever your reason for seeking help, I respect it and will consider it as valid!
No Advice! But reflections, suggestions and support from my side. That you are not alone. “We” as a team will work together analyzing the situations and problems where I help you to find your potential to decide for yourself. So, I invite you to work together as a team and to get connected more to your inner core!

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