Areas of Expertise:
Anxiety, Boost Productivity, Burnout, Career Coaching, Confidence, Emotional Self-regulation, Existential Crisis, Healing Negative Past Emotions, Improving Communication, LGBTQ+ Counselling, Low Self-esteem, Procrastination, Relationship Issues, Sleeping Better, Stress Management, Work-stress
Years of Experience:
Languages Spoken:
Spanish & English

Katia is a young adventurous psychologist and entrepreneur, and since young, she always had an interest in the human mind and emotions. When Katia was in her teenage years she really struggled, and depression arose when she was only 15 years old. She was able to overcome that difficult period, and a few years later began her bachelor’s degree in psychology. When finishing she specialized in Emotional Management and later began her spiritual journey and became a Mindfulness-Based Instructor. On her path, Katia majored in Educational and Clinical Neuropsychology which gave her a hard scientific background and understanding of the brain and behaviour, but never lost her tender approach to her patients. Katia finally got a degree in Commitment and Acceptance Therapy amalgamating all previous studies into the highest therapeutic approach.

Clinical Credentials:
ACT Practitioner, Clinical Psychologist, Mindfulness

Educational Background & Certifications:
Licensed Clinical Psychologist from the University of Belgrano (2016)
Master’s degree in Educational Neuropsychology from Psychological Studies Superior Institute (2018)
MSc in Applied Neuropsychology from University College London (2019) Certified Acceptance and Commitment Therapist and Mindfulness-Based Instructor (2022).

What I’m excited to bring to Fitcy Health members:
I strongly believe that the stories we tell ourselves about who we are and our life determines how we experience life itself. Our feelings and emotions are interpreted through our own lenses, and by taking notice of that, at first, and taking distance from the content of our minds, we can begin to create the life we want for ourselves, connecting, finally, with our values and what is important in life for us. My goal is to help my clients through that process of taking notice, taking distance, and connecting with their own values to take action towards that.

Favourite Quote:
“Between stimulus and response, there is space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”
— Viktor Frankl

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