Areas of Expertise:
Anxiety (mild to moderate), Anxiety (severe), Depression (mild to moderate), Depression (severe), Postpartum depression, Autistic spectrum, Dealing with long term illnesses (i.e. cancer, etc), Couples counseling, Family counseling, Panic attacks, Pre-marital counseling, Trauma, Work-stress, Behavioral health, Crisis Intervention, Phobias, Hypnotherapy, Grief, Burnout, ADHD, OCD.
Years of Experience:
Languages Spoken:
English and Urdu

Believe in yourself and you can conquer the world. Hi I am a mother, wife and a therapist. When I started my career I was just a therapist, as other roles and responsibilities added i was not sure I will be able to do any of them properly but human beings are amazing creature, they just need to have believe in self. I have worked with many individuals going through depression and the theme of their conversation suggest either they lost hope on self or others did on them. Giving them hope and navigating their way back or to start a new journey has been helpful. Since then, I am helping and letting them know they are not alone.

Clinical Credentials:

Child Psychology (aged 0 – 12), Teen Counseling (aged 13 – 17), Clinical Psychologist, Counseling Psychologist, Psychoanalysis and Psychodynamic Therapy, Mindfulness

Educational Background & Certifications:

BS in Professional Psychology from Bahria University 2015,
MS in Clinical Psychology from Bahria University 2018,
Certification in Child Psychology,
Criminal Psychology,
Hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Psychological First aid

What I’m excited to bring to Fitcy Health members:

We may get lost in hustling and enduring all the challenges but we don’t have to remain lost. if there is darkness right now, we have the strength to make it bright. In sessions with me, we both aim to focus on the strengths for personal growth. It will help is accepting instead of ignoring, navigating through emotions and feelings instead of going around them. In the end, you will be more aligned with your mental well-being and how to be mindful about it.

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