Performance coach; depression, anxiety and somatic experiencing; Certified life coaching; logic and love; relationship coaching; mental health advisor and emotional recovery coach; theta healing
Years of Experience:
Languages Spoken:
English, French

Majda is recognizable for using most integrative methods in the field of personal development. She has been assisting individuals for over 5 years now. Her detail-oriented awareness and sharpness of mind will clarify your subconscious reasonings, intentions, needs and wants, clarify your inner conflicts and help you get closer to your self and your goals. Whether you are facing general anxiety or issues in life, she will guide you through processes of self-reliance, self-acceptance and exquisite personal growth. She will help you understand your own psychology, and equip you with knowledge, more faith, trust and joy in your everyday life.

Favorite Quote: “In the acceptance and integration of uncertainty, rises certainty.”
What I’m excited to bring to Fitcy Health members:

To Fitcy Health members, I am excited to bring them an understanding of their motivations as well as a healthy and centered mindset with inspiration as their life coach. Additionally, cognitive understanding of their motives and direction, confidentiality, approval, fusion, and support for their goals on the physical and material plane, as well as on their emotional one i.e. spiritual challenges/problems and journey. Also, improvement in communication within any personal or professional relationships, knowledge, and last but not least orientation if needed. Eventually, I’d like them to feel comfortable and safe with me, inspired and more knowledgeable of their own, and the collective subconscious. 

I am excited to bring them one of the most revolutionary and useful methods and tests for self-discovery and direction. I am very perceptive, for me, any client must get more attuned to his or her body and its inner messages, more faithful, and softly experience emotional and psychological changes and transformation if needed. They will have the opportunity to get knowledge of their (deepest) needs and consciously choose to meet them, or openly and trustfully receive anything that God / Universe / Life brings. I’d like to help Fitcy Health’s members live more freely, love with their bodies, mind, and soul, live in unity with their instincts as well as fears. But most importantly have the benefits of all my teachings & experience.

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