Areas of Expertise:
Overcoming anxiety, Improving sleep patterns, Improving the ability to cope with work-related situations and or stress, Ability to keep tabs on daily thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, Overcoming the body freeze caused by tension, stress, and Trauma, Dealing and ability to deal with suicidal thoughts and patterns, dealing with loss and grief of a loved one, facilitating behavior change, healing after a broken relationship, growth, and development for students in personal therapy.
Years of Experience:
Languages Spoken:

Mary is an advocate for the inclusion of living experience in all aspects related to mental health wellness and suicide prevention. She is passionate about advocating for non-clinical alternatives to traditional mental health services, as well as the inclusion of living experience advocates in suicide prevention settings. She has devoted her career to studying the experiences of individuals who experience psychological pain and suicidality. Her research focuses on assessing the risk of suicide and developing effective suicide prevention trainings and interventions.

Clinical Credentials:

Psychologist, CBT Practitioner, Mental Health Counselor, Clinical Therapist, Psychotherapist, Couples Therapy, Training in the Suicide field, Supervision and Personal Therapy to Students of Psychology

Educational Background & Certifications:

MA Suicidology- Ongoing, Griffith University MA Counseling psychology, Daystar university BA Human Resources Management, Methodist University Suicide Online Specialist TRE Practioner and Provider

What I’m excited to bring to Fitcy Health members:

Therapy is a Journey, A collaboration between you and myself, I want to hold your hand as we navigate the storms together, hey, join me and let’s do this together.
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