Areas of Expertise:
Anxiety (mild to moderate), Depression (mild to moderate), Postpartum depression, Self-harm, Autistic spectrum, LGBTQ+ issues, Panic attacks, Sleeping better, Addictions, Pre-marital counselling, Trauma, Work-stress, Family counselling, Grief, Burnout, ADHD, OCD, Psychosis, Divorce counselling and Relationship Issues.
Years of Experience:
Languages Spoken:
English, Arabic and French

Sally is an experienced psychologist with hands-on experience since 2015 with children, adolescents and adults. Since 2017, she worked with schools, centers for teenagers and hospitals. She also has experience working with NGOs helping and providing emotional support to children, adolescents and adults who have experienced trauma.
 Following her passion for psychoanalysis, she follows analytical training seminars in Beirut since 2018 with “École de Psychanalyse et Psychothérapie” around the Lacanian theory and concepts as well as the concept of transference in analysis. She also happens to be a literature and philosophy enthusiast.

Clinical Credentials:
Child Psychology (aged 0 – 12), Teen Counseling (aged 13 – 17), Clinical Psychologist, Psychoanalysis and Psychodynamic Therapy and Psychological Assessments

Educational Background & Certifications:
Studied Psychology at the Saint-Joseph University of Beirut in Lebanon. I hold a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Clinical and Pathological Psychology (2017, 2021).

What I’m excited to bring to Fitcy Health members:
I strongly believe that language can be transformative. By giving yourself the opportunity to discover the language of your unconscious, by asking the difficult questions, this is where thinking begins. The procedure of analysis helps people address the real question, which is : how do we know what we desire ? Having said that, if you decide to follow this journey of introspection and liberation I will support you along the way to discover or rediscover your desire and the meaning you want to give to your existence.

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