Clinical Credentials:
Psychologist, Clinical Therapist, CBT Practitioner, Holistic Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy
Years of Experience:
Languages Spoken:

I am Sam, a clinical therapist and a psychologist. The human mind is insane (pun intended). The infinite ways in which the universe, creation, and consciousness intertwine with human existence are mind-boggling.
Although we are all unique as individuals, hive mentality is very much at the crux of our existence this is beautiful yet it can be truly horrific to be alive in society and as an individual. Understanding human nature and contributing to the improvement of human life is my passion. Although it is an ongoing difficult task to catalyze positive improvement in people and in their environments, finding ways together through research, psychotherapy, and dynamic interaction is most rewarding.

Favorite Quote: “The greatest dilemma we sit with as humans are recognizing that the one power we have requires twice as much discipline to harness and four times as much sacrifice to keep. This one power is your life.”

Areas of Expertise:

Self-regulation, dualistic dilemma, trauma, grief, family conflict, couples therapy

Educational Background & Certifications:

Ph.D Candidate University of South Africa, MSc Clinical Psychology University of Johannesburg, BSc psychology Pearson Institute

What I’m excited to bring to Fitcy Health members:

The amount of potential and power individuals have within themselves lies dormant in most individuals because of mental illness. My main goal is to assist individuals to enhance the quality of their lives and recognize the power and potential they have within them.

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