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Hi! My name is Mai, I am passionate about evolution, mental, emotional and physical health. My goal is to make you trust your inner flow, receive the guidance you need, and find your true purpose in life. I am a mindset coach, an emotionally integrative and holistic therapist, a somatic experience practitioner and a spiritual teacher/student, with years of dancing, singing and acting in my past and current life. I am a multi-sensory coach, that reconnects clients with their body and every cell which has a precious message for you in every moment of your life. I will help you clarify your subconscious needs, motives, desires, help you manifest your highest good and teach you how to love, be appreciative of the present moment, and create your most favorable future. Some truths are not easy to hear, but the disappointment of ourselves, or the pain in general, can make us work even harder in life. I help you process emotions and thoughts with an unconditional presence, attention and guidance. These thoughts may sometimes be unpleasant to hear, feel, or see/experience, but i will help you get safely “to the other side”, and uplift you to find and later put into practice the courage that has always been living inside you. I am a motivational speaker, mental health and unity coach, that will help you raise your confidence, learn how to eternally regenerate, rejuvenate, and effectively repair & create healthy relationships.


Life coach, Performance and business coach, Mental health and wellness advisor, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy practitioner, Relationships and couples counsellor, Metaphysical and emotional recovery teacher

Years of Experience:

Languages Spoken:
English, French

Top 5 goals that people have achieved with me

1. Confidence/self-acceptance

2. Clarity (on personal goals, processes, states, gifts and talents)

3. Learning to live in the present moment and accessing deeper knowledge (of personal choices, spiritual connections, etc.)

4. Improvement in communication and creating healthy relationships

5. Attuning to body, inner messages and re-owning excitement and enthusiasm for and in life

What I’m excited to bring to Fitcy Health members:

To Fitcy Health members, I am excited to bring them an understanding of their motivations, a healthy and centered mindset with inspiration, cognitive understanding of their motives and direction, confidentiality, approval, fusion and support for their goals on the physical and material plane, as well as on their emotional one i.e. spiritual challenges/problems and journey, improvement in communication within any personal or professional relationships, knowledge, and last but not least orientation if needed. I’d like them to feel comfortable and safe with me, inspired and more knowledgable of their own, and the collective subconscious. I am excited to bring them one of the most revolutionary and useful methods and tests for self-discovery and direction. I am very perceptive, for me it is important that any client gets more attuned to his or her body and its inner messages, more faithful, and softly experience emotional and psychological changes and transformation if needed. They will have the opportunity to get knowledge of their (deepest) needs and consciously choose to meet them, or openly and trustfully receive anything that God / Universe / Life brings. I’d like to help Fitcy Health’s members live more ecstatically, become in love with their bodies, mind and soul, live in unity with their instincts, fears and most importantly have the benefits of all my teachings & experience.

Favorite Quote:

“The rear-view mirror of a car is small, and the front is big, why? Because when we go through life, we are only moving forward or being still. The idea is not to neglect, dismiss, deny or disown the past, but to understand that the wider experience is in front of us. The past becomes quieter and useful the more we embrace it, learn and are grateful for the precious lessons from it. The future and potentials are there and wider than we usually assume.”

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