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Clinical Expertise:
Clinical Dietician, Holistic Consultant, Sports Nutritionist, Kids Nutritionist, Chronic Disease Nutrition,
Nutrition for Mental Health, Gut Health Specialist, Ketogenic Consultancy

Languages Spoken:
English, Arabic
Years of Experience:

Ahmed Mettawi MSc (USW), is an International board-certified lifestyle medicine physician and a registered clinical nutritionist. Above all. he is a holder of the MRCP (UK) specialty certificate in Endocrinology and diabetes, an associate member of the Endocrine Society. Also, he is a  junior member of the ESPEN society. Above all, he is deeply interested in clinical nutrition and its applications in health, sports, and disease (esp. of lifestyle origin). Additionally, he holds two post-graduate diplomas in different clinical nutrition domains. 

In fact, he is very passionate about the use of lifestyle changes to help achieve a healthy weight, have high energy, mood, and to live a better life. He truly aspires to achieve the highest reproductive and metabolic health for himself while guiding his clients down this path.

Educational Background:

International Board-certified lifestyle medicine physician (DipIBLM), ESPEN (European Society of Parenteral & Enteral Nutrition) post-graduate diploma, NNI (National Nutrition Institute) postgraduate professional diploma, MSc USW (UK) Endocrinology, MRCP (UK) certification Endocrinology, Family medicine AMU (Arab medical union) diploma, MB.BCh Medical & Surgical Sciences Cairo University

What I’m excited to bring to Fitcy Health members:
My nutrition program helps you achieve the ideal weight while feeling energetic. In fact, I give recommendations that support your exercise performance and gains, promote better sleep, and are tailored to your own routines and problems as the best nutritionist in Dubai. Accordingly, I take into account favorite food, cooking methods, budgets, travels, availability, allergies, medications, etc. Above all, with many new changes in your life we will roll together and you will find me always trying to help you gain control. So, let me be your guide in this journey. We will achieve your goals together!

My Favorite Quote:
“Find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough.


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