lifestyle nutrition specialist at Fitcy Health
Clinical Expertise:
Weight management, bariatric, nutrition support, eating disorders
Years of Experience:
Languages Spoken:
English, Greek

Anna is a UK-registered dietitian with clinical experience in weight management, bariatric as well as in supporting malnourished individuals, affected by serious clinical conditions. Additionally, she has worked with patients suffering from diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular, gastroenterological, and other chronic and acute conditions. Since having dealt with people from diverse backgrounds and illnesses, she has developed a passion to treat each case at an individual and personalized level. She is your lifestyle nutrition specialist at Fitcy Health.

Also, she loves implementing behavioral counseling and negotiation skills for healthier lifestyles. Therefore, with nutrition being a social and family aspect from early in her life, she has always favored wholesome nutrition to promote quality of life, whilst accounting for sustainable and environmental-friendly nutritional choices. Overall, she is also passionate about fitness and challenging people’s mindsets over their physical activity limits. 

Educational Background:

Registered Dietitian HCPC and BDA registered (B.Sc. Dietetics) M.Sc. Nutrition Physical Activity and Public Health PCG ACE (Post-graduate Diploma in Academic and Clinical Education)

What I’m excited to bring to Fitcy Health members:

Firstly, my approach is unique in that my clients will lead the consultations with me as a guide. Moreover, together, we plan ahead our targets, set realistic goals according to the individual needs and lifestyle and everyone takes the leadership of their journey. Particularly, I like acting more as an educator, rather than dictating “rights” or “wrongs”, do’s, and don’ts. As a lifestyle nutrition specialist,  Also, I understand the complexity of human nature is not an easy task, yet I embrace the challenges and together we can work our best to transform you into a healthier you!

My Favorite Quote:

“Your body is your temple, your most sacred place. Live from within. You Only Live Once!”


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