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Clinical Expertise:
Central obesity Nutritionist, athletic & Bodybuilder Nutritionist, Mindful eating & Food addictions, Nutritional behaviour specialist, Anti-aging & Detoxification Nutrition
Languages Spoken:
Arabic, English, French
Years of Experience:

Elie is a highly experienced clinical dietician and the best nutritionist in Dubai. Significantly, he has consulted over 50,000 clients worldwide to date. Simultaneously, having worked in various private clinics and wellness centers, he has been changing people’s lives for over 13 years now. 

Furthermore, Elie enjoys a high success rate, where over 80% of his clients always reach their goals. Also, for him, obstacles are opportunities for success. Additionally, he loves his clients & their difficulties. Thereafter, turning those difficulties into simple success stories which have made him the best nutritionist in Dubai. Whether  it be in losing weight, achieving a great relationship with their body, their food or getting out of stress, etc

Educational Background:

Post graduate Diploma in Psychology of Nutritional behaviour from Dijon University France. Masters degree in Nutrition & Dietetics from Lebanese University. Bachelor degree in Human physiology from Lebanese university. Registered Dietetics License from Ministry of Public health Lebanon.

What I’m excited to bring to Fitcy Health members:

Firstly, I want Fitcy Health members to know that I love to work hand in hand with my clients. Since my personality is very friendly and I’m dedicated to their achievements. I’m a detailed & target-oriented person by nature. Additionally, I am very close to all my clients, their successes & their failures matter so much to me. Its essential for me to understand my clients. It maybe their feelings towards their bodies, food. Since, I’m a huge fan of food myself. I always bring a client-first attitude. Even want my clients to consider me as their 24/7 Nutritionist who is available in their pocket whether it’s late at night or whenever. Overall, I want my clients to feel special & I’m here to help them achieve their target no matter what.

My Favorite Quote:

“You are what you eat”


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