Dhanak, Yoga Master


I want to be a positive role model for younger boys and girls. Throughout childhood, a little child will encounter all kinds of women that he/she will potentially look up-to. When you’re a woman who travels, stays active and strong, you’re providing both genders with a role model who practices healthy habits, is disciplined, and can handle herself. 

Kids Yoga, Acroyoga, Partner Yoga, Inversion Training

Years of Experience:

Languages Spoken:

YTT, Kettlebell Specialist

What I’m excited to bring to Fitcy Health members:
My training program is a unique mixture of yoga, inversion training and acroyoga; warming up the body with vinyasa yoga and leveling up from partner yoga practice to acroyoga beginner friendly poses. Ultimately, helping each individual to trust and communicate with each other by improving their strength balance and flexibility in a powerful way.


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