Evelyn, Yoga Master


When I was 18 I discovered yoga. Back then, I immediately knew that this would be part of my life forever… Inside of me I knew that I have a way of feeling centered, of coming back home… that’s what yoga means to me: home. Sometimes we don’t feel as we are ONE even with our own body and mind… In that kind of state, we can feel like we belong to no family/ friend/ group… This lack of connection starts inside of us with OURSELVES. When we connect, we find space and we feel joy. We are then able to share this joy and end up building more and more joyful… Life is such a blessing… sometimes we are not ready to experience it and fully receive it because we are “outside” of ourselves.

Yoga Flow, Yin Yoga, HIIT Yoga, Bare Yoga, Meditation

Years of Experience:

Languages Spoken:
English, Portuguese, Spanish

International Yoga Alliance Certified – 300+ Hours

What I’m excited to bring to Fitcy Health members:
I make my practice accessible to everyone, so basic sequences have been developed and made available for students to be able to orient themselves at home. I believe in the independence of the students, despite the fact that there is always a single exchange during face-to-face classes, both in corrections and adjustments, as well as in the presence and energy exchange.

Favorite Quote:
“Yoga is a way of coming back home.”


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