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I have a passion for Human anatomy & am a Mechanical Engineer by profession. I combined my passion with my profession and now apply biomechanics to human body analysis, this allows me to see how your performance can be improved. Along with my regular training, I conduct Posture awareness and correction workshops for the industrial sector and for children.

Yoga (Hatha/ Vinyasa/ Ashtanga), Cardio (Basic low impact/ Circuit training/ HIIT), Strength training using body weight/external resistance, Injury Rehabilitation, Sport Specific programs, Body alignment and Balance

Years of Experience:

Languages Spoken:
English, Hindhi

200 TTC in Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtang, K11 Personal Training course, ACSM workshops and symposium, Barefoot, ACSM, NSCS

What I’m excited to bring to Fitcy Health members:
I feel having knowledge of just one form of fitness is not enough for a safe training session. For the same, I have studied different types of Yoga, strengthening to injury rehab. After a student’s body analysis I combine elements from all these and design a customized, medically safe program. All my workouts are focused on Posture and core.

4 reviews for Pranali, Yoga & Fitness Master

  1. Rahul Jain

    Pranali is an excellent trainer who really knows her job. Her exercise routines are a perfect mix that steadily trains the full body to be strong lean and flexible. I have lost 6 kilos and feel very light and energetic. I used to go to a gym earlier but I feel that I only pumped up my body but didn’t really become fit. Pranali is very professional and dedicated. She also accurately gauge the clients current fitness level and builds up from there gently with encouragement, without pushing to extreme limits or making the client feel that he is Less in any way.. I would recommend her training to absolutely everybody.

  2. Rahul Chandak

    I am working out with Pranali for 3 years now. I was at a heavier side with a knee ACL issue when we started. I have gradually lost pounds and inches. With knee pain gone now, I can even comfortably perform squats.
    I have not seen such a dedicated trainer like her with complete knowledge of her field.

  3. Ramrao Patil, Pratibha Patil

    Pratibha and me (62 and 64 years) joined Pranali’s class as patients with special needs. Pratibha had knee surgery and my leg had experienced a hairline crack in the bone and a muscle tear during a marathon.

    My earlier experience with ill-trained gym instructors rightly kept us away from gyms during recovery.

    We had a wonderful experience with Pranali for the last 18 months. Now Pratibha can climb the stairs and I am back on the road for long runs.

    Pranali observers each participant every minute looking for wrong postures. Hardly anyone has ever complained of any significant injury or discomfort.

    She is a professional to the core. Not a single session is started late even by 5 minutes. She is the right person to go for the beginners. Your life will be changed for good!

  4. Fatima Aamir

    Pranali is very professional, really knows her stuff and is a fabulous motivator! She not only gives your body a push to stay fit, but your mental health is lifted too! She also has the right balance of patience, encouragement and pressure. Would definitely recommend Pranail to anyone!

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