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Yoga and mindfulness meditation got me through my higher education to become a Neuroscientist. My love for these practices grew as I became aware of how much mental stability, positivity and energy it brought into my life, which led me to become a yoga instructor. For me yoga is about calming the mind, connecting to your body and breath, whilst building physical and mental strength through a challenging yet fun yoga sequence. Breathing through a difficult pose translates into breathing through a difficult time in your life.

Aerial Yoga (Swing), Pranayama Breathing Exercises, Mindfulness Meditation Practice, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Hatha Yoga

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Aerial Yoga Yoga Teacher Training UluYoga, Zenways Mindfulness Meditation course, Introduction to mindfulness meditation

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I like to start my practice with a short breathing exercise. After which we begin a yoga flow that generates heat and keeps you guessing as we journey through an exciting sequence of balancing, lengthening and strengthening movements. Finally, we finish with some fundamental stretching poses for sore muscles that lead us into shavasana (corpse pose) with mindfulness meditation.

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  1. Ahmed Sohail

    Soha makes yoga accessible for the beginner as well and the more seasoned practitioner. She always asks new students if they have injuries or issues so she knows to teach them modifications if needed. She obviously knows her anatomy, and explain how the pose benefits the parts of the body. She teaches who is in front of her instead of just a rote practice. Every class is different depending on how one is feeling. If you looking for one on one session with attention to detail, yogalab is definitely the place to be. Highly recommended!

  2. Mohammad Uraib Mirza

    Soha did a great job at helping me get inverted

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