Sylvia, Tai Chi Master


Sylvia and her partner Kartikey received advanced training directly under Dr. Paul Lam, a world renowned Tai Chi & Qi Gong exponent and a family physician from Australia. Sylvia and Kartikey started their Tai Chi & Qi Gong journey when they were working as IT professional and Architect respectively in Singapore. The immense benefits they themselves gained from the practice of Tai Chi & Qi Gong inspired them to travel to Australia and get certified as Instructors. Later they quit their corporate jobs to establish a Tai Chi & Qi Gong for Health School. Together they have started to spread Tai Chi & Qi Gong goodness among people who need it most.

Tai Chi & Qi Gong for Arthritis (recommended by CDC, USA), Tai Chi & Qi Gong for Diabetes, Tai Chi & Qi Gong for Rehabilitation, Tai Chi & Qi Gong for Osteoporosis, Tai Chi & Qi Gong for Memory, Tai Chi & Qi Gong for Heart Conditions

Years of Experience:

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Certified Tai Chi & Qi Gong for Health Instructor from Dr Paul Lam’s Tai Chi for Health Institute, Sydney, Australia

What I’m excited to bring to Fitcy Health members:
We are very passionate about Tai Chi & Qi Gong, and are committed to making its goodness accessible to ALL in the world. We firmly believe in the fact that medicines and surgeries are not the only solution for the human bodies to work optimally. Regular practice of Tai Chi & Qi Gong can help in improving immunity and memory among children, relieve stress and anxiety among working adults and also improve chronic conditions like Parkinsons’, cardiac condition etc among elders.


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