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Sexual assault means that the perpetrator touches or engages in sexual activities without the consent of the victim. The more


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Clarina Plessis

Psychodynamic Therapy & Mentalization Based Therapy

  • English
  • Afrikaans
14+ years Experience
200+ Happy Clients
  • CBT Practitioner
  • Compassionate Therapy
  • Counselling Psychologist
  • EMDR Therapy
  • Gestalt Psychotherapy
  • Life Coach
  • Mindfulness
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Psychoanalysis
  • Psychodynamic Therapy
  • Solution Focused Therapy
  • Trauma-Focused Therapy

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  • 399 AED/session
  • 108 USD/session
  • Charged Once

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Khawla Halabi

Clinical Psychologist

  • Arabic
  • English
4+ years Experience
100+ Happy Clients
  • Clinical Psychologist

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  • 299 179 AED/session
  • 80 49 USD/session
  • Charged Every Month for 4 Weeks
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  • 299 AED/session
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Denisse Revés


  • English
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
12+ years Experience
100+ Happy Clients
  • CBT Practitioner
  • Child Psychology
  • NLP Practitioner

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  • 499 379 AED/session
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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the most effective approach to dealing with traumatic patients. It can work on long- and short-term Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Therapists use CBT specifically for the traumatic event.

Many types of sexual victimization can happen in many situations. The most prominent kinds are Verbal, Covert, Visual, Physical and ritualistic, eventually triggering traumatic patients.

There are some levels of traumas, such as sexual, emotional, mental and physical. It might happen to a person more than one time. It can be possible to fully recover from sexual assault trauma or any other traumatic event. Still, it needs some time, and consistent expert counselling that decreases the frequency of symptoms makes life easier to live.

What is Sexual Assault?

Sexual assault means that the perpetrator touches or engages in sexual activities without the consent of the victim. The perpetrator may use physical force, emotional coercion, manipulation, and psychological intimidation to gain sexual favors. The perpetrators can threaten to harm the family members. Thus, causing the victim to comply with the needs of the perpetrators due to fear.

When is Sexual Assault Awareness Month?

April is observed as sexual assault awareness month around the globe. The purpose is it educate the communities to understand what counts as sexual assault and the steps to ensure safety. The awareness enables the people to take necessary steps against the perpetrators to seek justice. Sexual assault statistics show that women and men experience sexual assault; however, females are more likely to suffer from harassment and assault. According to National Sexual Violence Resource Center, 1 in 5 women experience sexual assault in their lifetime. However, due to a lack of support, the cases remain unreported. Therefore, people must be aware of their rights and legal proceedings.

What Counts as Sexual Assault?

The behavior that counts as sexual assault are:

  • The predator attempts to rape the victim. Penetrative sexual assault means that the perpetrator forcefully penetrates the penis or object through the genitalia or mouth without the consent of the other person involved in the act.
  • The person physically touches the victim with force.
  • Forcing the victim to engage in oral sex.
  • Other sexual crimes include solicitation of minors and sexually harassing people.
  • Children who have been through sexual assault are more likely to suffer from mental health problems in later years. Therefore, caregivers must remain supportive and understand the feelings of the child.

It is best to consult a therapist for guidance regarding effective treatment options. Fitcy Health helps the client connect with a competent specialist providing affordable services.

What is the Difference Between Sexual Assault and Rape?

Rape is forceful sexual intercourse with the victim without consent. The penetration through the penis with or without ejaculation is called rape. Whereas, forceful touching of intimate parts of the body without permission is known as sexual assault. It includes the primary genital area, anus, groin, inner thighs, breasts, and buttocks.

How to Avoid Sexual Assault?

The measures that help reduce the risk of becoming a sexual assault victim are:

Don’t Use Alcohol and Drugs

Individuals must avoid hazardous situations that can make them lose control. It is essential to avoid the intake of alcohol and illicit drugs that may affect their ability to remain conscious while traveling and outdoors.

Make the Other Person Know Your Limits

The people who feel that the individual near them can assault them must take measures. It is necessary to communicate feelings to the other person to set boundaries.

Show Assertiveness

Assertiveness allows strangers and others who may engage in wrongful doings to remain distant.

Physically Defend Yourself

Some people fail to understand verbal and body language. Therefore, people must learn to physically defend themselves. Caregivers should help the children learn self-defense techniques to enable them to protect themselves.

Be Cautious While Driving

Individuals must remain conscious while driving at night as they are more likely to become sexual assault victims. Women must keep their oil tanks full while traveling to unknown places. If someone is aware they are being followed must drive themselves to the police station to avoid complications.

Know Your Surrounding While Walking Alone

People who walk at night must remain vigilant. Individuals must be aware of their surroundings while walking alone. People who notice someone following them must scream to scare the perpetrator and seek support from nearby.

Why Don’t Sexual Assault Victims Speak Out?

The individuals who have been through sexual assault fear retaliation, judgment, and punishment from the perpetrators due to which they remain silent. However, it affects behavior and mental health. Therefore, close family members and friends should provide a safe environment where one can speak of their problems.

What to Do After Sexual Assault?

The sexual assault victim must:

  • Ensure safety and reach out for support from close family members and law enforcement authorities.
  • The person must understand the medical options. It is essential to go to a hospital for a medical examination.
  • Connect with a mental health care provider and learn about the legal options.
  • Focus on the positive aspects of life

How Many Women Report Sexual Assault?

According to sexual assault statistics, women are more likely to suffer from assault, rape, abuse, and bullying. The statistics show that among the sexual assault victims, 90% are women.

How to Help Sexual Assault Victims?

Victims of sexual assault need support from family members and close friends to heal and seek professional help. The steps/ways that are proven effective in helping the victims of sexual assault are:

Stay Calm

It takes courage to speak up about the experience of sexual assault. The close friends may exhibit signs of anger, aggression, and confusion during the confession. It can affect the victim’s ability to open up and share thoughts. Hence, the close people must remain calm and support the victim.

Encourage Them to Seek Help

The victim may lose the purpose of life due to the emotional trauma associated with sexual assault. It is necessary to seek help from s reliable and competent specialists to focus on the positive aspects of life and heal. Fitcy Health helps connect with therapists that help deal with mental health problems.

Maintain Confidentiality

Close friends and family members should learn to maintain confidentiality to ensure the victim knows their support system.

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