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How Can Fitcy Improve the Productivity of Your Employees?

Since the pandemic, 81% of workplaces have increased their focus on employee mental health.

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Your employees get access to our licensed therapists in complete privacy to discuss concerns and emerge out of their condition(s), promoting a healthy working environment.

Our therapists facilitate group training sessions for employees to increase awareness and importance of mental health.

Group therapy sessions can help your employees cope with stress, low productivity, low self-esteem, and depression.

Our goal is to provide affordable therapy solutions. We will only charge you for the number of sessions attended by your employees as opposed to a lump sum amount every month.

Why Mental Health is so Important for Organizations

84% of individuals in a workforce experienced or suffered from at least one mental health challenge or issue over the last year.

1 in 6

Individuals Experience mental health issues at their workplace

12 billion

Working days are lost every year to depression & anxiety

13% 📈

Productivity boost if your employees are happy

Better Mental Health Increases The Productivity of Your Employees

Fitcy Health can help your organisation get on track to promote mental health for a better working environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Therapy can help businesses and their staff in numerous ways. It can increase mental health, reduce stress, and facilitate better communication. Additionally, it can lead to higher productivity, a more positive atmosphere, less burnout, and greater job satisfaction and loyalty among employees.

Businesses can assess the effectiveness of mental health therapy programs through employee surveys, tracking well-being, job satisfaction, and productivity. An additional way to measure the effectiveness of a program is through absenteeism and turnover rates.

Signs that a business should consider implementing mental health therapy sessions for employees include stress, decreased productivity, high absenteeism, and employee complaints about well-being. Persistent negative changes in the work environment and employee morale may also indicate the need for mental health support to improve overall well-being and job performance.

In mental health therapy sessions for businesses, various techniques, and approaches are utilized to enhance team building and collaboration. These may include team-building exercises, conflict resolution training, communication skills development, and fostering a positive work environment. Therapists may also facilitate discussions to improve understanding, trust, and cooperation among team members.

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