Giving Back to Our World

Let’s build a future where everyone regardless of their background has a chance to improve themselves. Giving back is one of the most important pillars of Fitcy Health & the greater mental health community.
For every session taken, 1/3 of overall profits are given to helping those in need.

How does this work

Everyone deserves the chance to improve. Fitcy Health donates 1/3 of overall profits into heavily subsidizing mental health counseling for individuals who cannot afford to pay for it. When you help yourself with Fitcy Health, you help one more person as well.

Why does Fitcy Health donate 1/3 of profits

Fitcy Health practices are inspired by the philosophy of involving compassion towards others, and sharing what you have with those who do not.

Who benefits from this

Fitcy Health helps those in difficult financial circumstances. This is done by keeping religious freedom, tolerance, inclusion and the message of solidarity for all in our ethos. Fitcy Health ensures the reputation of those receiving help is maintained, and treats all its members regardless of financial standing like family, with utmost respect and love, like one would give their sibling.

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